Pep Guardiola on Why Man City is Better than Manchester United

Pep Guardiola was shocked by how different Manchester City and Manchester United were when he took over as manager of City in 2016. City showed how dominant they are by beating United 3-0 in the recent Manchester derby. This game showed how far apart the two teams really are. There is no doubt that City is playing better than United as they lead United by nine points after ten games.

City has become a major force in the Premier League since Guardiola took over. They have won five of the last six titles and even a triple last season. In fact, the four big trophies they’ve won since the start of the last season are the same number of trophies Manchester United has won since Sir Alex Ferguson retired ten years ago.

What Guardiola Really Expected

When asked why the two Manchester clubs were so different, Guardiola admitted that he hadn’t expected them to be so different. He said that when he got there, United was led by Jose Mourinho and had great players like Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Romelu Lukaku, who joined in 2017. What Guardiola thought would happen did not match what he saw.

Unity is the key to the city’s success

Guardiola then talked about a key factor he thinks makes City successful: unity across the whole group, from the top down. He seemed to imply that this togetherness wasn’t as clear at United, which was something that many people, including Gary Neville, agreed with.

Guardiola said, “I’ve said many times that the chairman, the CEO, the sport director, the manager, and the players are all moving in the same direction.” We visit that place. We’re going there whether it’s right or wrong. Of course, we make mistakes. “We’re not here to blame someone when we lose or things don’t go well.”

Guardiola said that one of the most important things about City’s approach is their ability to look at problems and find answers. He gave the club credit for staying stable and working together as a team, even when things got tough.

The boss talked about how tough the club was during his time in charge. Even though they lost to Chelsea in the Champions League final, the boss promised they would win again in the future. It’s because the club and its players trust and depend on each other that City has been so successful.

In short, Guardiola thinks that City’s strength comes from the way the team works together and always tries to get better, no matter what. He thinks that the management of the club is what makes them stable and successful.